Send me a message,

but please note…

Your email gets read if you:

  1. Would like to discuss a point raised in the book, respectfully;
  1. Have a question the book doesn’t answer (see point 1, below);
  1. Have lost a dog to 1080 and it wasn’t your fault. You have my genuine sympathy – that’s awful;
  1. Would like to tell me about the pest control you’re doing.

Your email gets junked if you:

  1. Haven’t read the book, or pretend that you have (I’ll know);
  1. Make any claim you can’t provide verifiable evidence or a peer-reviewed research paper for. Data is not the plural of anecdote;
  1. Make any sort of threat. Your e-mail will be logged and placed in a folder marked “Police”. All threats will be reported, veiled or otherwise;
  1. Simply hurl abuse, or spout empty memes like “1080 kills everything”, or “the bush is silent”;
  1. Tell me to go read Bill Benfield (I have)/Quinn Whiting O’Keefe’s critiques (I have) or watch Poisoning Paradise (I have);
  1. Tell me “go into the bush and see” for myself. I did;
  1. Insist that all the scientists in New Zealand are complicit in an all-of-government cover-up (see our FAQs section).

Play nicely, and we’ll talk.

Dave Hansford